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What is Cardstock Warriors

Cardstock Warriors is a traditional tabletop miniatures wargame. The only difference is that instead of buying hundreds of dollars of models and spending months painting and assembling, the game is played with hand drawn cartoon styled paper models that come out of your printer. Where a single unit of troops for a plastic or metal model based wargame would take an hour or more to construct, and several hours to paint, an entire cardstock warriors army can be printed and assembled in a fraction of the time for much less cost.

In Cardstock Warriors, each unit (or base) of troops has a point value, as well as a set of statistics governing how fast, defensible, potent it is in combat, and how cool they are under pressure.  Most units also feature powerful special rules, some usable every turn and some so potent they can only be used once or twice a game.  In addition, each army has special cards representing powerful spells and magic items.  Two or more players select models from their collection up to an agreed upon point value, as well their starting army card abilities and a point value of extras - and then hit the kitchen table for a knock down drag out battle.  Games are played with Cardstock Warriors models, 6 sided dice, and a ruler or tape measure.

How Do You Play?

Great question, and I've got even better news - the rules are free.

Download The Rules

And hey, in case reading isn't your thing we also filmed this video here you can watch

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