Discussion Links

There is a vibrant community of like minded gamers out there, and they are ready and waiting to chat with you.  If you are interested in discussing the Cardstock Warriors game there are a few places you can go.

Hit our Facebook Page and chat with each other or talk with me.

Head over to the Cardboard-Warriors forums where we have a creators page.  Check out other papercraft miniature publishers and hobbyist.

More Papercraft

Looking for something that isn't on our site?  There are some other great sites out there with papercraft terrain or models.  While I would love it if you dropped me a line to let me know what kinds of models you are in desperate need of, I'd also like you to check out some of our friends at these sites: has plenty of models, and is the place where I first discovered papercraft miniatures.  They have a ton of great models and resources, so don't hesitate to check them out.

Looking for some quality terrain?  World Works Games has got you covered!  These guys produce some amazing papercraft terrain for role playing and tabletop games, and they are well worth your time.

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