In early 2016 a long journey of drawing and creating my own miniatures and rules set came to fruition when I launched my Kickstarter campaign for this website.  Having been a miniatures gamer for most of my life, I wanted to create a place where gamers of all ages could come and acquire affordable models to play massive Wargames.  If you want to take a look at the campaign page you can find it here.

There is lots of info, pictures, and videos over there - but if you just want to see the video that launched it all, we've got that for you right here.

To my immense pleasure and honor we met our funding goal in April of 2016, and the second long journey began.  What was once a personal project for no one other than myselft became a product that others would spend their hard earned money on and use.  While I may have underestimated the effort to go from notes and quickly formatted files into a full rulebook and multiple file versions, the work has been worth it.  After many late nights and the continued support of my family and friends - this website stands before you.  If only a few people end up getting into this rewarding hobby that has been a mainstay of my life for 20 years, then all this work will have been worth it.

Please take a look at the backer section - to the family, friends, and all you wonderful strangers on the internet that helped make this a reality -

Thank You!

Gabriel Thorn

Miriam Roberta Brady-Belknap

Tim Pickartz


Evan and Sarah Edwards

Jeff S.

Ryan Gibson

Nick Martin

David and Sondra Upchurch

Fabien Chmiel

Eric Squirmydad Brown

Ciras Woodworks

Brendan McCann

Brandon Ulick




Alea Studios

Brendan Moore


Trey Wingard

Joshua Thomas Hart


James Chira

Cardboard Fortress Games

Tony Cabe

Erik Walton

Ulrik CDoin




Miss Laney Luck

Griblar of the Gribbling Gribblies

Greg "Winter-is-Coming" Hardy

Cortney Jarrett

P. Morin

Toft Breidenbaugh

Aaron booth

Josh Burchett

Donald Harders

Penguin Pioneer

Michael Parkes


Michael Pierce

David Morris

Jeremy Naglich

Isai Vela

Charles Burkart

Dalton Rose

Jay "Doughnut" Richards

Steven Pepe


Seth Palmer

Chris Kudola

Cliff Armstrong

Andrew Searles

Padraic Gyatt

Arthur Hannan

Erin Johnson Wingard


Douglas Cartee

Melissa Johnson

Maero Effendi

Jason Potter

Alexis, Holly & Ethan Edminster

Fabrice Rossi

Bill Lasek

Garrett Kunkel

Stuart 'Stoot' Walker

Sharon Koltick

Ian Mercer

Tristan Skelding

Laura Upchurch

June Trantham

Tom Wigginton

John Abele

Michael S Allegro II

Simon Richardson

Little Lights CLC

Walter Kennedy

Sandford Hanberry

Steve Lord

Chris Taylor

Thanks for sticking with me throughout the process, and believing in the project. You guys are the best.

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