Fantasy Game

Set in a cartoon fantasy world, these 28-30mm scale models are for use with the Cardstock Warriors Fantasy Game. These rules are available for free in "The Game" section above, and are a quick and fun way to get started wargaming on your tabletop.


A diminutive race of green monsters, Goblins live in various tribes across the land and are a mischievous race of creatures.

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A stolid race of inventors and warriors, the Dwarves sally forth from their underground cities and mountain settlements to defend the land from its more insidious elements.

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Witch Kingdoms

Largely considered to be a myth, a cabal of powerful witches live hidden throughout the land. Able to summon armies at a moment's notice, these witches largely only mobilize to defend their forests or make moves for potent magical artifacts.

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An ancient and mysterious race, the Birdmen live in the trees of the densely wooded areas of the world. Their own history is lost to time, Birdmen armies have ancestral stores of equipment that defy even the most skilled artisan's ability to replicate.

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