Birdmen Army


An ancient and mysterious race, the Birdmen live in the trees of the densely wooded area. Their own history lost to time, Birdmen armies have ancestral stores of equipment that defy even the most skills artisan’s ability to replicate. Born wingless and fragile, the Birdmen as a race have incredible reflexes. Those that survive battle do so because of their skill and eventually blossom into the magnificent winged creatures commonly seen outside the forests. Though enigmatic, the Birdmen can usually be found when the need is direst and tales have been told of travelers being saved from certain death by arrows fired from a mysterious savior in the woods.

This collection of Birdmen warriors is the perfect way to get your force on the table and defending the forest.

Birdmen Wizard

On rare occasions, a Birdman shows an aptitude for the mystical magics of the forest. These Wizards take to the field with their countryman and use their magic to make sure the Birdmen forces have advantageous winds and strike where needed.

Birdmen Assassins

Once a Birdman comes of age and grows his wings, he is tested for inclusion in either the Assassins or Sharpshooters. Those with martial prowess join the Assassin core, swooping through the trees and eliminating foes before they are even notices. Many a traveler has not found their destination after trespassing on these deadly warriors.

Birdmen Slingshot

Those that show an aptitude for the giant slingshots are drafted into the slingshot core. Using chemical weapons, as well as explosives, the Birdmen slingshots attempt to soften up their enemy before the rest of the forces can engage.

Birdmen Flying Chariot

Champions of the Birdmen ride into battle into chariots pulled through the air by Sparrow Hawkes. Backed up by some sharpshooters, these versatile units are deadly both on the assault, as well as from a distance.

Birdmen Sparrow Hawks

The most talented Hatchlings are trained to ride the Sparrow Hawks, a species of giant bird that were typically used in Birdmen hunting parties. Now tamed as beasts of war, a Hatchling first learns the thrill of flight on the back of these magnificent beasts

Birdmen Sharpshooters

Once a Hatchling Archers grows its wings, it graduates to the Sharpshooter units. These units are small autonomous squads that patrol their units. Taking cues from other friendly units, the archers have been known to make shots on targets that they themselves can’t even see.

Birdmen Hatchling Archers

There are very few races that could claim to be better with a bow and arrow than the Birdmen. Those hatchlings that are not cut out for physical combat join the archer units for their training. Thanks to their incredible eyesight, longer ranged shots are possible for the Birdmen that would be impossible for other creatures.

Birdmen Halbirdiers

All Hatchlings with an inclination for physical combat find themselves in the Halberd units to train. Due to their brittle bones, Birdmen train with the heavier weapons to give themselves an edge and build strength. Once a Birdmen gets his wings, he graduates out of the Halberd units.
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