Dwarf Army Pack


Situated with everything you need to make cartoon paper war against your foes, this army pack is a great deal and gets you the core of the Dwarven war machine. March into battle with pride using these models.

This collection of 30mm scale Dwarf warriors is a great way to get a quick start to a Dwarf Fantasy army.

Dwarf Warriors

The core of the Dwarven war machine, a Dwarf Warrior is a solid infantryman. Usually armed with their family weapons and shields, these warriors are hard to kill and use that staying power to set up their fellow Dwarves to strike the enemy down.

Dwarf Veterans

Once you have survived as many battles as a Dwarven Veteran, you become an almost unstoppable killing machine. Trading in their shields for heavier weapons, the veterans still strike with such speed that the difference on defense is negligible. Used by Dwarf generals to get in and hit hard where the need is greatest, the veterans are feared by the enemies of the Dwarves.

Dwarf Crossbows

The chosen ranged weapon of a Dwarf is always the Crossbow. A heavier weapon than the typical bow, these can punch through enemy armor if fired properly. Dwarves have practiced firing on the move, but it is less effective than if they aim for the enemy’s hearts.

Dwarf Armored Troop

Some families of Dwarves construct expensive set of armor that cover them head to toe. When gathered together they form a bristling wall of steel that moves for no one. Slower and less effective at killing the enemy than other dwarf units, these troops are great at pinning an enemy in place, and then not dying. They are really good at not dying.

Dwarf Bolt Thrower Team

Crossbows are cool, but bigger crossbows are cooler. The massive spears fired by these units are used to bring down armored enemies or large war machines (or Dragons) on the enemy team.

Dwarf Cannon Team

Dwarves employ cannons to take down extremely tough enemies. Mostly reliable, it is still possible for powder to explode when the Dwarves least expect it.

Dwarf Gatling Gun

Recently developed, the gatling gun spits out fire at an insane rate. There aren’t many of this gun in production, but those that are employed are feared. These guns typically sit in the back lines protecting the rest of the artillery as fast moving troops move in trying to disrupt the rest of the Dwarven gun line.

Dwarf Golem

Currently the most advanced Dwarven Machinery possible, the Golem is a steam powered monstrosity, driven into battle by a Dwarf inventor. With a buzzsaw and a cannon for arms, it can deal an inspiring amount of damage to even the most heavily armored of foes. Finally, when it dies it tends to take it’s already weakened enemies (and some friends) with it as it explodes into steam and shrapnel.

Dwarf Driller Team

Dwarves live underground, and as such they have developed tools to dig out caverns. Occasionally, the Dwarves will employ this talent on the battlefield, sending their teams deep into the back lines of the enemy.
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