Goblin Army


Want to own everything you need to crush your tabletop opponents into dust with cute little Goblins? This army pack contains all the goblin products you need to build a staggering force of little green death. Enjoy!

This pack contains a variety of 28-30mm scale Goblin files perfect for fantasy based role playing or tabletop strategy games.

Goblin Spears

The bulk of goblin troops are armed with makeshift armor and shields. Wielding spears, these little jerks are fast and attack quite a bit due to their massed ranks.

Goblin Warriors

Copying the more heavily armored opponents the goblins fight, these little guys have fashioned a fortress of steel to walk around in. Without the muscle to really move it, they are slower but harder to kill.

Goblin Archers

With a feather in their cap, these guys consider themselves to be "sharpshooters." While their accuracy is debatable, these lightly armored goblins are favored by their generals due to their expend-ability.

Goblin Chariot

A ramshackle construction attached to two wild Wargs and jammed full of goblins, the Goblin Chariot is a hurtling bucket of pure delight.

Goblin Troll Guard

Trolls are large and simple creatures that have a symbiotic relationship with some goblin tribes. The goblins point them towards food, and the trolls don't eat the goblins. Basically, everybody wins.

Goblin Catapult

Goblin engineers patched these monstrosities together after fighting against the human armies. Inaccurate and sometimes prone to killing their own, throwing giant rocks at the enemy is too irresistible to pass up.

Goblin Mega Spear

Crossbows are great. Bigger crossbows are better. Copied from the Dwarven design, these Goblin mega-spears are frequently used against heavily armored opponents.

Goblin Bomb Squad

Prisoners or political enemies of the goblin leaders, these fellows are given the "chance" to work off their sentence by throwing explosives at their enemies. With no other weapons, it is rare that a goblin bomber squad returns from the field.

Goblin Warg Cavalry

These goblins have tamed the wild Wargs, and ride them into battle. Used as a quick harassment force, Warg Riders often pick off small targets and return to the main host to support the core troops.
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