Witch Kingdoms Army Pack


Largely considered to be a myth, a cabal of powerful witches live throughout the land. Able to summon armies at a moment’s notice, these witches largely only mobilize to defend their forests or make moves for potent magical artifacts. Due to their solitary nature, Witches seldom join forces in large amounts – but when they do their forces are a fearsome sight to behold.

This collection of Witch Kingdom models is in the 28-30mm scale and is the perfect set to serve as the core of a powerful undead army. Perfect for role playing games or strategy tabletop battle games, these models are sure to please.

Skeleton Spears

As bodies decay their brains begin to melt away. With no brains, it is easier for the Witches to maintain their instructions in the animated body. Many witches even keep some skeletons raised at all times as helpers.

Zombie Horde

The fresh dead are easier to animate, but can only follow the most basic of commands. During battle the magic that commands them spreads to nearby corpses, so as they zombie unit fights it is constantly refilling the ranks with fallen enemies.

Death Parade

Sometimes when preparing for battle, a Witch will summon a deadly shade to lead an army of ghosts into battle. It is debated if this is death himself, but what is known is that the suffering souls shackled to him serve to enhance the shades power in combat.

Giant Bats

Massive bats that live in the forests and dark places the Witches frequent are sometimes pressed into service. Enhanced with magic, these bats are frequently used to eliminate troublesome ranged units and artillery in the enemy line.

Revenant Kings

Individually raised and prepared by a Witch, the Revenant Kings are the pinnacle of necromantic science. Wrapped in armor and crowned as princes of death by the Witch, these Revenant Kings make up the honor guard of any Witch. So resilient is the magic used to animate them that a witch can return their broken bodies to life during battle.

Revenant Knights

These Revenant Kings have been given reanimated horses to ride into battle. Used as heavily armored front guard, their devastating charges are whispered about throughout the lands. Once destroyed however, a Witch needs time to prepare more mounts for these fearsome creatures.


Vampires are the biggest threat to a Witch's command of her army, and one of her greatest boons. Employed in small numbers due to this, the Vampire is one of the few creatures in Witch armies that exhibit independent thought. In addition, they have been imbued with some of the Witch's magic. Given enough preparation, Witches could destroy the Vampire curse, and this fact maintains their uneasy alliance.


The true power behind a Witch Kingdom army, these powerful necromancers work to nefarious purposes in their territory. When driven to action, a Witch can bring a force to bear that is not easily forgotten. A Witch Kingdom army with no witch will still try to accomplish the last instructions given to it, but it is much less fearsome. For this reason, Witches tend to keep themselves well out of harm’s way.
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