15mm Ancients

This section of the site houses our Ancients Historicals line of models. Drawn to be recognized at the 15mm scale, these models are perfect for most ancient battle games like DBA. Base to match your game of choice, and get gaming!

Ancient Imperial Romans

The might of Ancient Imperial Rome is known throughout history, and wargamers tables. This set of models includes Ancient Spearmen, Archers, a Ballista, unarmored horses (usually for some spearmen or centurions), Armored Centurions with blades, and some command Centurion models with flags and no helmets.

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Ancient Parthians

These models represent the Parthian army, primarily between 250BC and 225BC. Operating around Mesopotamia, these guys went toe to toe with Rome, Greeks, Judeans, and other ancient world armies. This set includes archers, armored spears, Knights, and a collection of both armored and unarmored horses. It also includes some command models and a flag with a tiny little Parthian dragon on it.

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