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I know we just launched, but there are a ton of models that I've got on the way I want everyone to see before they hit the site.  Everything from more large models for the core Cardstock Warrior armies, to new genre's of play, to entire new Cardstock Warrior fantasy game armies.

Upcoming Large Models


We've got a few models in the pipe for the fantasy game.  If you followed the Kickstarter you will have seen these models in their first test build stage.  There is still some work to do on the visuals and build for these prototypes, and the rules haven't been written or playtested yet - but I'm super excited to bring these models to life.

First is the Dwarven Warship - a flying craft filled with some salty Dwarves.  Still need to add custom crew models, as well as additional detail and shading on the vessel itself.  The mechanics for this thing are going to be fun to write and cost out, and I'm still toying with some ideas so stay tuned.

Dwarven Airship

Goblin Elephant Riders

No game is complete without something riding an elephant. I really loved the idea of getting a howdah full of crazy Goblins on the table and so I started with this test build. I've got some more work to do on the actual construction and folds of the elephant, and probably some custom crew for this guy - but I like the direction he is headed in. It will give a heavy option to those players than just need more goblins and don't care for the Trollguard.

Elephant FrontElephant Back


Both the Witch Kingdoms and Birdmen armies are planned and have rules for dragons. I've had test models together in both cases, and I'm not totally happy with how either turned out so I've got more work to do on the visuals. The rules are together here, so keep watch for more details.

New Army

Those of you that followed the Kickstarter closely will have noticed that we had a backer move for the custom army backing level. This means that he and I will be working together to produce a whole new army for the Cardstock Warriors fantasy game. Right now it's shaping up to feature some feline warriors and their magically crafted servents, and as soon as we get under way there will be plenty of info on them showing up here.


You may have noticed there is a historicals section in the shop that hasn't been filled up yet. I've got a few different armies in 15mm scale I've got put together for various local campaigns and other events that I plan on formatting up and offering out to the group. We've got some Romans and Parthians for ancient battles that can be built into perfect DBA armies, as well as some American War of Indipendance Brits and American Militia that I was using in my Sharp Practice 2 games. Both great rulesets if you want to check them out - but my models will be going up fairly soon!


American Militia

British Forces

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